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Feeling like you need a little extra help? We are here for you.

The term 'Virtual Assistant' nay be new to many, but it is one of the fastest growing industries we currently have in the world.

A Virtual Assistant is a dedicated subcontractor to your business helping you with many tasks - virtually. These tasks could include administration services or more specialised work. 

Virtual Assistants are there to save you time, office space and help you focus on operating the more important parts of your business (as well as a work/life balance).

What We Can Do


We can assist with confirming bookings, contacting clients, organising calendars and bookings.

Excludes cold calling and telemarketing. 


We can assist in managing your inbox, Shopify (excludes website designing/updating), to keep track of incoming and outgoing clients - including using your own programs and systems.


We can help you with preparing, formatting and proofreading your documentation before it is sent out. Does not include design services.


Administration support can be pretty broad! However we are experienced in many areas from private to public sector - even our own three businesses. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Our Package Options

Call Center Headset


2 Hours Per Week of VA assistance

$80 per week

Computer with Graph


5 Hours Per Week of VA assistance

$200 per week


How does Top End Virtual work?

A VA (Virtual Assistant) is not an employee of your business; but a person who you subcontract out to. Therefore, Top End Virtual will send an invoice once per week (due within seven days). The first invoice will be due before work is to commence, and the following week invoices will be sent out every Friday. 

Before work is set to commence, an agreement must be signed between Top End Virtual and your business. This outlines payment conditions, hours per week, work required and other terms. This helps protect both parties.

Please note that Top End Virtual reserves the right to refuse service if we deem the work to be unreasonable, illegal or any work where we either deem it to be specialised (such as legal, financial or health advice not in our expertise).

I would like my VA to build a website for me and to do Social Media

This is considered specialised work; and is charged differently. If you require website design, graphic design or any specialised type of work it needs to be requested seperate to the VA plan. We are happy to bill this separately as they also require a seperate agreement.

I would like a custom plan

We are happy to customise a week-to-week plan for you. Please contact us if you require a certain amount of hours or tasks.

I would like Top End Virtual to telemarketing/ cold call potential or past clients for more business 

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. Any form of 'cold calling' or telemarketing, including surveying is not offered.


10 Hours Per Week of VA assistance

$400 per week

Work on laptop


15 Hours Per Week of VA assistance

$600 per week



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