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Our Virtual Services

The term 'Virtual Assistant' nay be new to many, but it is one of the fastest growing industries we currently have in the world.

A Virtual Assistant is a dedicated subcontractor to your business helping you with many tasks - virtually. These tasks could include administration services or more specialised work. 

Virtual Assistants are there to save you time, office space and help you focus on operating the more important parts of your business (as well as a work/life balance).

Work on laptop

Social Media Management 

Our team will design posts based on your business needs and style guide, then schedule them for you on your social media channels and research the best times to do so. For best results, the business must have some content to work with such as imagery as well as a style guide - however we can also assist you with this. Cost will depend on how many posts required per day and what types of posts/ design involved.


Newsletter Campaigns & Landing Pages

We use MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit to assist in newsletter campaigns, including setting up workflows that are automated for events such as webinars. We can also create and design landing pages for you in Kajabi.

Website Content Updates & Blogs

We can update your website as required, such as blog posts and content.

Airbnb/ Vrbro/ Wix Hotels Management & Monitoring

Do you have holiday accomodation and need the administration side monitored? We can assist with monitoring your bookings and enquiries, being the contact link between you (the owner) and the guest. 

Document Proofreading/ Formatting

We are experienced in proofreading and formatting a document to present professionally. We are also able to proofread of InDesign and Canva.

CRM Management e.g. ServiceM8

We are able to help small trade businesses with managing clients via Service M8/ Emails and following up on enquiries

Studio Ninja Set Up & Management

Specialising in Studio Ninja, we are able to set up the program for you, customise it to your needs with job types and unique work flows to automate your business! We are also experienced in helping photographers in creating informative guides for most types of sessions. 

Calendar & Inbox Management

Busy inbox/es? We can assist with managing your incoming and outgoing emails as well as calendar. 

Our Availability

Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm ACST with limited availability on weekends


$40 per hour + GST, minimum one hour from Monday - Friday (9am - 4pm ACST)

$45 per hour + GST, for any urgent tasks outside of these times

Please note a retainer of $200 + GST (5 hours of VA assistance) must be paid before the commencement of our team assisting your business, to prevent non-payment occurring. This retainer is kept on file until your project is finished or if your contract with us comes to an end unless a bill has not been paid. Bills are sent on a weekly basis and must be paid within seven days or services will be paused. We will send a time report of tasks undertaken with time logs every week. 


How does Top End Virtual work?

A VA (Virtual Assistant) is not an employee of your business; but a person who you subcontract out to. Therefore, Top End Virtual will send an invoice once per week (due within seven days). The first invoice will be due before work is to commence (the retainer), and the following week invoices will be sent out every Sunday. 

Before work is set to commence, an agreement must be signed between Top End Virtual and your business. This outlines payment conditions, hours per week, work required and other terms. This helps protect both parties.

Please note that Top End Virtual reserves the right to refuse service if we deem the work to be unreasonable, illegal or any work where we either deem it to be specialised (such as legal, financial or health advice not in our expertise).

I would like Top End Virtual to telemarketing/ cold call potential or past clients for more business 

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. Any form of 'cold calling' or telemarketing, including surveying is not offered.


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